#4 Brand Planning Strategy Journal of Concepts: Goldilocks Crazy + Raindrops Are Like People

Sunday morning, October. Raining raindrops. Cleaning out my brain to start fresh this week in MBA school.

Circular variability in human systems can look similar. Ask the question – what are we doing? Closing the loop (smart) VS chasing your tail (dumb). Going off the beaten path VS derailing. It’s all running in circles.

For fun, a couple of related brand strategy ideas.

1. Brief: Being-Goldilocks-Crazy-When-You’re-Life-Is-Going-In-Circles Brand Strategy. Apply to Performance Business/Sports/Parenting Campaigns – Drawing inspiration for a creative brief from the old Twilight Zone: A couple on a train are fighting and keep passing the same  buildings and realize they’ve been going in circles for hours. They freak out, turns out they’re little people in a giant mean little kid’s train set. The duo stop fighting, taking a Goldilocks Crazy a risk and escaping. Now they are a united front against the giant. They made tough decisions and overcame peril. Tagline: “Don’t let a giant control your life, get out into the world.” It’s worth it to take risks in life but don’t fight about stupid stuff. Maybe giants aren’t all bad. Be bold.


2. Brief: The Circular and Shapeshifting Lifecycle of a Raindrop. Raindrops are like people in a way. They gestate in the cloud and are born falling from the sky. It’s kind of a miracle and kind of traumatic. “Wheeeee!” It’s awesome for a second but life is brief. The raindrop some adventures on earth, it disappears into the ground, falls asleep wakes up in the sky. Raindrops as a people are tough little guys, always ready for action. They live, they love, they fight, they puddle. They are individualists. Some are radicals that join forces to become holy wreckers of nature with hurricane force. Most are peaceful coming together to make food grow and give humans life. Concept parallels of human nature: “People are like Raindrops” in our own lifecycle and behavior. Idea is to begin to align staunch anti-global warmists into understanding and drive into stewardship of natural systems. Might also make a good animated feature.