#3 Geniuses Keeping Me Up at Night.

Are there enough geniuses in the world that could solve all of the world’s problems systematically, with a creative strategy campaign and have fun doing it? We’ve been thinking of this conceptual question lately. We’d like to ask a strategic group of geniuses to get together in one giant room. By saving the world we mean could the earth be regenerated while at the same time raise quality of life for all of the people on it. Maybe we’re not the first ones to ask this questions. But let’s pretend we are. Let’s also pretend we’re part of the genius group. It’s more fun that way. Now the question is how do we do this?

We’ll put cost aside for now. Let’s explore this question first by using only imagination resources. We’ll save Googling and research for when the ideas and explanations run out.

How we’d start put together a dream team of geniuses to save the world:

First, Hire a team of radical mind-bending genius consultants to work with us and then,

Identify more sources of genius: 
Outrageous geniuses who are funny, can be anywhere, may be likely to be at universities.
Nobel Prize Winners
Famous Liberal Do Gooders
Warren Buffet
Those people in small towns who are wildly genius philosophers but work as mechanics. Somehow they know about how the whole world works.
Financiers like Carl Icahn and Warren Buffet
Wild conceptual artists & thinkers
Supply Chain Managers
Though leaders Design
Athletes Famous
CEOs of Sustainable companies

After we get all those types of people, then we’ll hire some genius celebrities to help give the project credibility. (Don’t worry, we’re only half joking.)

If geniuses could solve the world’s problems how long would it take for them to plan if they were locked in a room until they had a plan? We’d make sure they had some nice cushy cots, an exercise room, a vegetable garden, ping pong and pizza. 

Once the plan was written, what would implementation look like? I think the geniuses must have considered this and it will roll out with some bumps but it will get us there. They will have used brand architecture around the plan to maximize buy in for the plan.

The last question for today is could the group of geniuses have actual fun doing this? We’ll have to put this daydreaming on hold for now. Real life has tooted it’s horn and needs some minding.