#80 Yes or No? How To Be True To Yourself And Why It Matters.

Cha-Cha-Changes  Over the last 30 some years, one of the things I learned truly is that change, being okay with change, and creating change, is really hard. It is not for the faint of… Continue reading

I’m a Brooklyn Mom Now. Word Up.

It’s pretty cool. His name is Charlie. For something that has existed forever, I am finding out that parenting beliefs can be WAY controversial. I’m talking basic basics like feeding, sleeping and bonding.… Continue reading

What I’m Working On – U.S. Niche Manufacturing & Strategy

Last summer I accepted a new position at a New York City design company. The seventeen year-old privately owned company also operates a manufacturing facility (factory) in Brooklyn. The days I work from the… Continue reading

#77 Fortune: Problems Can Be Awesome

Back of the envelop pragmatic optimism philosophical thoughts for the day:: Problems Can Be Awesome, Because They Are Opportunities. They make us work, and we’re happy when we solve them. And if there were no… Continue reading

#76 The Mother of Dragons: What We Can Learn From The Game of Thrones About Being Badass

Lately I’ve been getting calls and emails from pals looking for advice as they finish up their MBA degrees at the University of Oregon. Gladly, I give my two cents. Understandably there’s an… Continue reading

#75 Cross-Train Your Brain with “Superhero Schools” and New Business Design

Our old models of business are breaking down. That’s not news to most people. I’m talking capitalist and non-profit models. Just as there is value in athletic cross-training, there’s value in brain cross-training,… Continue reading

#74 Common Pitch South Africa // Highlights

In February I traveled to Cape Town South Africa to produce COMMON’s first international pitch event in partnership with Design Indaba. I had been told that visiting South Africa would be life changing and… Continue reading

#73 February: Design, Social Media + Enterprise. In NYC, then Africa.

Life is good. And I love February. Next month I’m heading to Social Media Week in New York, NY and then jetting off to Design Indaba, a global design conference in Cape Town,… Continue reading

#72 “If You Don’t Get the Story Right, You’ll Get the Solution Wrong”

I came across this video from the Kauffman Foundation today: “the world’s largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship.” I had to write a short post about it. The video, from the Kauffman Foundation addresses the… Continue reading

#71 Collaborative Design:: Building Stuff & Sharing Ideas with Instructables.com

Have you ever checked out Instructables.com? First of all, the name is great. Second of all, it’s a great example of a collaborative business model. Social DIY. Heck yeah. A couple months ago… Continue reading