Who Is This Person, What Are We Doing Here?

“The World Is Just Awesome.” agreed Discovery Channel

After graduating from art school in Pennsylvania, Katie spent a decade in New York City working in art, media and product design. She thought it was pretty great, but got curious about business when she realized it’s another way to think about design.

In 2011, she earned her MBA from the University of Oregon where she developed cross-pollinating theories, strategic models and real world evaluation between business, storytelling, design and interaction. Katie was also awarded a two-year graduate fellowship in marketing.

As a business drsigner and creative strategist, she helps owners identify objectives, evaluate problems and opportunities. Katie designs revenue models and brand strategies too, but she’s not all talk – she’s hands on whether it’s writing a press release or building a prototype.

Katie’s heroes are Charlie Bucket, George Washington Carver, Oprah and Banksy.

If you’re curious to know more, shoot her a rebel yell, she’d like that. Hire Katie for daily, weekly and monthly projects in New York City, Portland, Boulder or the Internet.

katie brooklyn at gmail dot com.

Sidenote: This blog is about sharing (brain dumping!) creative business strategy ideas. It’s like a brainstorm. So if you happen to see one, please don’t sweat the typos. It’s about getting the idea out into the world, thinking about it in words and seeing if it’s worth a damn. Cool? Then, please do read on. The box-checking can come later.