#9 Wes Anderson In 1989 feat. Malcolm Gladwell + Thomas Edison

The link is to a blog showing scans of a story Wes Anderson wrote when he was an undergrad. It was  published in Analecta, a literary journal at the University of Texas in… Continue reading

#8 Movies Are Carbon Hogs. But I Love Them.

One of the projects I am working on this week is related to Industrial Ecology. The idea is to assess and discuss the life cycle analysis of two items that I personally own.… Continue reading

#6 Boxes of Tops and Bottoms: The Gap Brand Still Off Track

The Gap has been having a hard time the past few years with trying to branch out in loud patterns. It didn’t work so well. Now they pulled the logo that was out… Continue reading

Turning Intangibles Concrete Concepts

How do you get the Marlboro man to convert to solar energy? Take a class in green branding strategies.http://www.sustainablebusinessoregon.com/columns/2010/10/think_green_in_communication.html

#5 Mission Zero: Lifecycles of the Rich and Famous and Not

Say what? Even a homeless person in the U.S. has a larger carbon footprint twice as large as the worldwide average footprint.* This is terrible and weird. This fundamental divide makes brand planning… Continue reading

#4 Brand Planning Strategy Journal of Concepts: Goldilocks Crazy + Raindrops Are Like People

Sunday morning, October. Raining raindrops. Cleaning out my brain to start fresh this week in MBA school. Circular variability in human systems can look similar. Ask the question – what are we doing?… Continue reading

#3 Geniuses Keeping Me Up at Night.

Are there enough geniuses in the world that could solve all of the world’s problems systematically, with a creative strategy campaign and have fun doing it? We’ve been thinking of this conceptual question… Continue reading

#2 PolyBoggl. Everyday And Twice On Sunday

PolyBoggl is a combination of a the prefix “Poly” meaning “many” and “boggle” meaning “to overcome with amazement.” Put together, the word PolyBoggl means there are many things in the world we may… Continue reading

#1 Wieden + Kennedy Stir Life Into the Rust Belt’s Rough and Tumble Underdog Brand

The Rust Belt feels like one of those dusty early 1970s movies, “full of financial and artistic depression*” and hulking silent factories. In the early days of my young boggled mind, those buildings… Continue reading

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