#60 Laura Moorhead of IDEO on Why Video Is So Great

I’m new to taking & making videos, but I keep a Flip Cam with me nearly all the time lately to capture the great things people say and do. So when Laura Moorhead… Continue reading

#59 What Do You Know About Mr. W?

In the last week in my MBA program, several friends and I have had long discussions about creativity and innovation. During these discussions, I have been witnessing the tide turning toward an appreciation… Continue reading

#58 A Human-Centered Design Experience with WoodShop Shop Inc.

Here are some pictures from WoodShop Shop Inc. the company I started in Brooklyn, New York in 2008. Since starting the MBA program at the University of Oregon in 2009, it is no… Continue reading

#57 Folk Painting of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Courtney King

Since we still have an hour left of MLK day here on the west coast, I had to post this incredible example of folk art. I rediscovered this great example of folk art… Continue reading

#56 Banksy Street Mural Comments on PR

Street artist Banksy makes a statement that is the opposite of the old saying “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” This statement could mean he’s saying all publicity is not necessary, or… Continue reading

#55 Top Six Inspirational Rap Songs of the Day for Writing Personal PR

Got resume-writer’s block and wondering how you can perfectly craft the written word to broadcast just how great you are? Try out these songs written by talented smarties, all without professional training in… Continue reading

#54 How To Look Good In Modern Times – Mass Customization

Creative business models for tailored clothes and personal shopping. It’s not just for hipsters, fashionistas, or old men buying suits. It’s customization for the masses. Thank you! Ladies have been wanting and needing… Continue reading

#53 It’s Not About the Bits and Pieces, It’s About the Whole Thing

I woke up this morning thinking about the name of the center I’m a part of in the MBA program at the University of Oregon MBA program. It’s one of four centers each… Continue reading

#52 Polyboggl Exclusive: We’ve Heard So Much About Her – But What’s This Katie Brennan Person All About Anyway?

  Yes. It was the shopping cart video that began my obsession with IDEO. I was shocked. Watching the video of how IDEO works crystallized the image of the kind of creative-collaborative environment… Continue reading

#51 Lady Gaga Unveils Her Designs for Polaroid, Inc. at CES

I’m often asked what a creative strategist does. This is a great example. Lady Gaga demonstrated and released her Grey Label line for Polaroid at the CES in Los Angeles. One standout is… Continue reading

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