#70 Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

Don’t Tell Me, Show Me. Recently, I was reminded of this lesson delivered by my sixth grade science teacher, Mr. Donche. I had been writing a strategic brief and ended up with 10… Continue reading

#69 Blood, Sweat and Crazy = Lessons from the iPhone Bike App (A Finalist for the Net Impact’s Force For Change 2011 Award)

I didn’t know a dang thing about how to develop an iPhone app last winter in 2011, when I was in my second year of MBA school at the University of Oregon. But… Continue reading

Double Rainbow at COMMON Pitch

This summer I’ve been working in Boulder, CO at the Fearless Cottage with Alex Bogusky, Rob Schuham, Carmel Hagen, Jeff Oeth and other awesome people on COMMON, a start up designing a new brand of… Continue reading

Curious Gorge: Scratching the Surface on Two Hearty Years in MBA School (Incl. Anarchy)

Curious Gorge: Scratching the Surface on Two Hearty Years in MBA School. (It’s a long one: 1500 words, 5 pictures, 1 video, 1 App) I’m a second year MBA graduating today, June 10,… Continue reading

#66 COMMON – The New Industrialists (E.G. B2C and B2C2B)

[Note: I wrote this post for the Oregon MBA Career Center.] Over spring break 2011 I went wild–to visit with some great companies in Boulder, Colorado. I’m an MBA (it’s official in about… Continue reading

#65 Babe Ruth, Butlers, Beatles & Bottlerockets

The terms below are concepts invented and gathered from a variety of Aha moments from working on over a dozen teams over my last two years in MBA school. They are useful for internal, cross-functional… Continue reading

#64 Designer Jeff Oeth of Fearless Cottage/COMMON on Creatives as Entreprenuers

I recently visited one of my brothers over spring break. He works and lives in Boulder, Colorado, which is lucky for me because I took the opportunity to visit with the good folks… Continue reading

#63 Edward Boches on Three Boxes of Innovation

Edward Boches, Chief Innovation Officer at Mullen Boston, visited the University of Oregon in February. Here he speaks about the concept of using three “boxes” for business innovation. This video was recorded on… Continue reading

# 62 Our Bike App is Funded-Cool. It’s Going to Be Featured at UO Earth Day Events-Whoa!

As project lead on the UO Net Impact Grad Chapter Bike App initiative (to record the miles biked=carbon saved on the UO campus), there’s a lot to report on. In January, we developed… Continue reading

#61 Peter Lawrence on the Future of Corporate Design

Peter Lawrence of the Corporate Design Foundation (cdf.org) speaks about the Future of Corporate Design. He was visiting as a guest speaker in Professor Deb Morrison’s class at the University of Oregon in… Continue reading

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