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#54 How To Look Good In Modern Times – Mass Customization

Creative business models for tailored clothes and personal shopping. It’s not just for hipsters, fashionistas, or old men buying suits. It’s customization for the masses. Thank you! Ladies have been wanting and needing… Continue reading

#52 Polyboggl Exclusive: We’ve Heard So Much About Her – But What’s This Katie Brennan Person All About Anyway?

  Yes. It was the shopping cart video that began my obsession with IDEO. I was shocked. Watching the video of how IDEO works crystallized the image of the kind of creative-collaborative environment… Continue reading

#51 Lady Gaga Unveils Her Designs for Polaroid, Inc. at CES

I’m often asked what a creative strategist does. This is a great example. Lady Gaga demonstrated and released her Grey Label line for Polaroid at the CES in Los Angeles. One standout is… Continue reading