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#77 Fortune: Problems Can Be Awesome

Back of the envelop pragmatic optimism philosophical thoughts for the day:: Problems Can Be Awesome, Because They Are Opportunities. They make us work, and we’re happy when we solve them. And if there were no… Continue reading

#76 The Mother of Dragons: What We Can Learn From The Game of Thrones About Being Badass

Lately I’ve been getting calls and emails from pals looking for advice as they finish up their MBA degrees at the University of Oregon. Gladly, I give my two cents. Understandably there’s an… Continue reading

#73 February: Design, Social Media + Enterprise. In NYC, then Africa.

Life is good. And I love February. Next month I’m heading to Social Media Week in New York, NY and then jetting off to Design Indaba, a global design conference in Cape Town,… Continue reading

#72 “If You Don’t Get the Story Right, You’ll Get the Solution Wrong”

I came across this video from the Kauffman Foundation today: “the world’s largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship.” I had to write a short post about it. The video, from the Kauffman Foundation addresses the… Continue reading

#69 Blood, Sweat and Crazy = Lessons from the iPhone Bike App (A Finalist for the Net Impact’s Force For Change 2011 Award)

I didn’t know a dang thing about how to develop an iPhone app last winter in 2011, when I was in my second year of MBA school at the University of Oregon. But… Continue reading

#66 COMMON – The New Industrialists (E.G. B2C and B2C2B)

[Note: I wrote this post for the Oregon MBA Career Center.] Over spring break 2011 I went wild–to visit with some great companies in Boulder, Colorado. I’m an MBA (it’s official in about… Continue reading

#65 Babe Ruth, Butlers, Beatles & Bottlerockets

The terms below are concepts invented and gathered from a variety of Aha moments from working on over a dozen teams over my last two years in MBA school. They are useful for internal, cross-functional… Continue reading

#64 Designer Jeff Oeth of Fearless Cottage/COMMON on Creatives as Entreprenuers

I recently visited one of my brothers over spring break. He works and lives in Boulder, Colorado, which is lucky for me because I took the opportunity to visit with the good folks… Continue reading

#58 A Human-Centered Design Experience with WoodShop Shop Inc.

Here are some pictures from WoodShop Shop Inc. the company I started in Brooklyn, New York in 2008. Since starting the MBA program at the University of Oregon in 2009, it is no… Continue reading

#55 Top Six Inspirational Rap Songs of the Day for Writing Personal PR

Got resume-writer’s block and wondering how you can perfectly craft the written word to broadcast just how great you are? Try out these songs written by talented smarties, all without professional training in… Continue reading