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#77 Fortune: Problems Can Be Awesome

Back of the envelop pragmatic optimism philosophical thoughts for the day:: Problems Can Be Awesome, Because They Are Opportunities. They make us work, and we’re happy when we solve them. And if there were no… Continue reading

#75 Cross-Train Your Brain with “Superhero Schools” and New Business Design

Our old models of business are breaking down. That’s not news to most people. I’m talking capitalist and non-profit models. Just as there is value in athletic cross-training, there’s value in brain cross-training,… Continue reading

#73 February: Design, Social Media + Enterprise. In NYC, then Africa.

Life is good. And I love February. Next month I’m heading to Social Media Week in New York, NY and then jetting off to Design Indaba, a global design conference in Cape Town,… Continue reading

#72 “If You Don’t Get the Story Right, You’ll Get the Solution Wrong”

I came across this video from the Kauffman Foundation today: “the world’s largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship.” I had to write a short post about it. The video, from the Kauffman Foundation addresses the… Continue reading

#71 Collaborative Design:: Building Stuff & Sharing Ideas with

Have you ever checked out First of all, the name is great. Second of all, it’s a great example of a collaborative business model. Social DIY. Heck yeah. A couple months ago… Continue reading

#70 Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

Don’t Tell Me, Show Me. Recently, I was reminded of this lesson delivered by my sixth grade science teacher, Mr. Donche. I had been writing a strategic brief and ended up with 10… Continue reading

Double Rainbow at COMMON Pitch

This summer I’ve been working in Boulder, CO at the Fearless Cottage with Alex Bogusky, Rob Schuham, Carmel Hagen, Jeff Oeth and other awesome people on COMMON, a start up designing a new brand of… Continue reading

Curious Gorge: Scratching the Surface on Two Hearty Years in MBA School (Incl. Anarchy)

Curious Gorge: Scratching the Surface on Two Hearty Years in MBA School. (It’s a long one: 1500 words, 5 pictures, 1 video, 1 App) I’m a second year MBA graduating today, June 10,… Continue reading

#66 COMMON – The New Industrialists (E.G. B2C and B2C2B)

[Note: I wrote this post for the Oregon MBA Career Center.] Over spring break 2011 I went wild–to visit with some great companies in Boulder, Colorado. I’m an MBA (it’s official in about… Continue reading