#75 Cross-Train Your Brain with “Superhero Schools” and New Business Design

Our old models of business are breaking down. That’s not news to most people. I’m talking capitalist and non-profit models. Just as there is value in athletic cross-training, there’s value in brain cross-training, combining vision and values with the top & bottom line. So what now? Here’s a start:

I came across this amazing list by Venessa Miemis (@VenessaMiemis) “93+ Superhero Schools, Collaboratories, Incubators, Accelerators & Hubs for Social & Tech Innovation”

Collaboration. Experimentation. Innovation. Enterprise. Scalable Business. Value Chain Optimization. Relationships. Ninjas. Pirates. Hackers. All that good stuff. Check out the list of who’s doing what and where with business model laboratories.

[Image courtesy of Superhero School [Hardcover] Aaron Reynoldshttp://www.amazon.com/Superhero-School-Aaron-Reynolds/dp/1599901668 (Author), Andy Rashhttp://www.amazon.com/Superhero-School-Aaron-Reynolds/dp/1599901668 (Illustrator).]