#72 “If You Don’t Get the Story Right, You’ll Get the Solution Wrong”

I came across this video from the Kauffman Foundation today: “the world’s largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship.” I had to write a short post about it.

The video, from the Kauffman Foundation addresses the question “How can we democratize entrepreneurship in America?” As a person who worked full time to put myself through school and build a life in the creative business world, this question nails why I decided to go to MBA school, why I started working with COMMON, and what I’m doing with my life:: creating 360 degree solutions to hurdle growth barriers. In other words make “Magic Sauce.” Check out the video about why hurdling barriers is important to our collective future. Hint: It’s about growth. Social // Economic // Personal growth. 

“Magic Sauce” by the Kauffman Foundation. By Carl Schramm, President and CEO, Kaufmann Foundation.