#71 Collaborative Design:: Building Stuff & Sharing Ideas with Instructables.com

Have you ever checked out Instructables.com? First of all, the name is great. Second of all, it’s a great example of a collaborative business model. Social DIY. Heck yeah. A couple months ago I added “write an Instructable” to my short-term goals bucket list. At the time I didn’t know what I might write about but then, boom, I had an idea. So, last week I documented my latest non-business design project. Today anyone can check it out on Instructables.com and replicate it. That includes you. And you can put your own project up there too. It’s social capital.

So check out the Instructables link here to a tool-less modular storage bed that you can build too, in like 5 seconds. You’ll find more details and pictures of the project. Check out the other stuff on the site too and go make stuff. Please do, it’s fun.