#64 Designer Jeff Oeth of Fearless Cottage/COMMON on Creatives as Entreprenuers

I recently visited one of my brothers over spring break. He works and lives in Boulder, Colorado, which is lucky for me because I took the opportunity to visit with the good folks at Fearless Cottage while I was there. Fearless Cottage is Alex Bogusky‘s new venture since leaving the ad business at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky last summer. One new project born at Fearless Cottage is COMMON: The New Capitalism. Check out a short video explaining the idea of COMMON here. (It’s worth it.)

When I connected with COMMON, as an MBA student with an undergrad in fine art, one premise that immediately stood out was one of COMMON’s goals: to purposefully integrate creativity into entrepreneurship to create a better world. See slide 23 of the COMMON announcement deck.

During my visit, Fearless designer Jeff Oeth showed me around the cottage and we discussed the idea of creativity + entrepreneurship. Part of that conversation is captured here in this short video  shot inside the cottage. (Notice the books behind Jeff. As we chose where to shoot the video, the thought struck me that there will come a (sad) day when a shelf full of books is rare. So we decided to capture that in the background.)