# 62 Our Bike App is Funded-Cool. It’s Going to Be Featured at UO Earth Day Events-Whoa!

As project lead on the UO Net Impact Grad Chapter Bike App initiative (to record the miles biked=carbon saved on the UO campus), there’s a lot to report on. In January, we developed an iPhone prototype of the app and applied for a grant from the UO Student Sustainability Fund to develop it further. And we won! Now we also have the chance to feature it at the UO Earth Day events. Ever hear the saying be careful what you wish for?! Ha, well, we’re all pumped and making good progress, but we also have school projects and finals to contend with! So sleep is not a priority right now.

Check out the iPhone app being demo’d here by the code developer, Dana Maher.

Here’s another fun video of the UO MBAs riding bikes at school.