#59 What Do You Know About Mr. W?


Meet Mr. W. He's a very Special Guy.

In the last week in my MBA program, several friends and I have had long discussions about creativity and innovation. During these discussions, I have been witnessing the tide turning toward an appreciation of creativity in business, much more than I anticipated.

This is in contrast to a previous insight I expressed in response to Alex Bogusky’s Common initiative, when I noted that some of my cohorts might chuckle at the notion of creativity in business. There is nothing funny about creativity. Just kidding.

Like I was saying, lately I’m sensing a change. These friends are excited about using creativity to solve problems in business. What’s driving this shift towards valuing creativity as a business skill?

In part the growing recognition of prioritizing creativity as a valuable business skill is because the business world is gaining a perspective of context, meaning and credibility of the creativity. How’s that?

Look at this. The commercial gives creative credibility with a story about renewable energy in a campaign featuring Mr. W., check it out here. I’ll wait.

So why is this commercial is important? Strategic messaging like this is great on several levels, but I’ll mention three here.
1) It makes us laugh.
2) It helps us understand and embrace a new way of creating energy.
3) It gives us a conceptual context where creativity is a valuable tool in business.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks for reading.