#53 It’s Not About the Bits and Pieces, It’s About the Whole Thing

I woke up this morning thinking about the name of the center I’m a part of in the MBA program at the University of Oregon MBA program. It’s one of four centers each with a specific business focus. There’s Finance, Sports Marketing, Innovation-Entrepreneurship, and last is mine – Sustainable Business Practices. We’re sort of like the four houses of Hogwarts.

I was thinking, what does this mean, Sustainable Business Practices. Is focusing on practices too granular an approach to creating a widespread adoption of sustainable businesses that address social, economic, environmental & cultural concerns? (Werbach, Strategy for Sustainability, 2008) If we are only addressing “practices” are we missing the larger picture?

I think we should focus on driving sustainability through integrated systems driven by innovation. Let’s change the name to Sustainable Business Innovation.

Social, Economic, Environmental, Cultural