#52 Polyboggl Exclusive: We’ve Heard So Much About Her – But What’s This Katie Brennan Person All About Anyway?


Rudy Ruettiger in 1975. He's the guy being carried.

Yes. It was the shopping cart video that began my obsession with IDEO. I was shocked. Watching the video of how IDEO works crystallized the image of the kind of creative-collaborative environment I want to work in. The process of starting from scratch. Talking to people. Defining the objective. Asking the question how can we make this work? Building rough prototypes. “Strategy that makes your hands bleed.” I love it all. When people say do what you love and it’s not work, for me that is what I saw in the video. That’s why I want to work at IDEO.


I love strategy so much I get goose bumps. My definition of great strategy is using Analytical, Intuitive, & Creative thinking and mashing them together. I’m a pathological optimist because I believe sometimes I can make impossible things happen, on the right team.
Business ideas are underdogs. Most have no chance in heck of seeing the light of day. But I believe in underdogs. They surprise you and I love it when the underdog wins. One of my favorite stories is of Rudy, (pictured above) a movie about a little guy with odds stacked against him, but who wanted play on the Notre Dame football team. He was turned down time after time along the way before he finally achieved his objective by sticking to his goals and being a good person.
I love business design because it allows the use a broad range of skills and tools. Some of my favorite tools that I’m working with now are in social media. Netvibes, Delicious, YouTube. I use these to form strategies for team projects to build a Make-Do portfolio. The Make-Do portfolio is a digital bat-cave of ideas and tools that can be shared with project teams. One tool is pictured below. The IDEO brainstorming method. It’s a favorite because it’s the one time in the project where there are no creative boundaries. There’s plenty of time for reality later in project design process.
Visuals courtesy of IDEO and www.highschoolrudyawards.com.