#51 Lady Gaga Unveils Her Designs for Polaroid, Inc. at CES

I’m often asked what a creative strategist does. This is a great example. Lady Gaga demonstrated and released her Grey Label line for Polaroid at the CES in Los Angeles. One standout is her sunglasses design with a camera embedded them. Lady Gaga is a creative strategist just by virtue of how she manages her persona and music. Now with her product design as Creative Director for Polaroid, Gaga takes the concept further showing that creative strategists carry their talents across social and business borders. She is in effect, asking “What Business Am In?” If Polaroid executives had asked this question 20 years ago, the company might have made some strategic moves to account for the disruption that digital photography has had, and its balance sheet might look quite a bit different. But then we wouldn’t have picture-taking sunglasses designed by Lady Gaga. Or would we?

CES 2011. Polaroid Sunglasses Camera by Lady Gaga.  P.S.  The person at Polaroid who hired her can also be considered a creative strategist for being into the idea of going outside the company, celebrity design influence and aligning the company with the brand power of Lady Gaga.