#49 The Element of Surprise in a Mini Businesses – Porcupine Meatballs

I love these surprises, intentional or not, that digging into mini-businesses like this offer because it reflects the unpredictability of these business. I saw the item listed casually on the catering menu between Swedish meatballs and roast beef. Do you see it? “Wild or Tame Porcupine Meatballs.”

At Taco Bell, you know what to expect and so it is unlikely you will be pleasantly surprised during a visit. With a small business you might because it is likely to be driven by regional traditions and run by unique personalities.

The catering company is called Oh4sweet in International Falls, Minnesota, a hunting & fishing town of about 6000 on the Canadian border. Ryan and I need to cater an event there next summer and started to look at option when I came across this word doc on the company’s website. At this point I have no idea if this item is made from real porcupine, but I’m just going to savor this tidbit for a minute.