#30 Game Theory for Creative Strategists

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1.    Companies can succeed without others having to fail.
2.    Companies can also fail regardless of how competitors do.
This is a really cool article that is great for creative strategists. I like the concept because when a big hairy challenge is thought of as a game, it makes fun, and more acceptable when you lose, (as the saying goes, I was a contender, instead of “I coulda been a contender,”)…like playing PacMan, you get better every time and keep trying. Game Theory encompasses a broad range of strategy. For example, assessing the value net of a company or situation. Who are the players, challengers, subs, complementors? The value net can come in handy for co-branding opportunities.
However, the most important question in game theory strategy is “Am I playing the right game?” The great thing about this question is that it translates to all aspects of life. A. S. of S Frog agency addressed this concept in class through Skype when she told the story of how she realized she was a strategist, and not an art director. She wanted to be an art director because the thought she should be, but being an art director never felt right for her the way her work in creative strategy felt right. With creative strategy A. is playing the right game.