#29 Using Patching Techniques to Change Business

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This technique in the article describes an iterative type of business strategy called patching. Patching managers make small changes in business strategy to align with the markets the business serves. Patching is described as a balance between chaos theory and complexity theory that allows a business enough structure to be organized but enough flexibility to make adjustments in business strategies.
It relates to brand planning because the strategy technique of patching is to make frequent, small changes to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace, e.g. what is important to a customer right now, and how can the company meet that need? A real life example would be Nike’s running app that takes advantage of current customer behavior related to fitness and to social media technology, but does not redirect Nike’s brand image or mission.
Brown, L. Shona and Patching and Eisenhardt, M. Kathleen, “Patching: Restiching Business Portfolios in Dynamic Markets,” Harvard Business Review, May-June, 1999. p. 73-82.