#23 The Social Network: Ideas + Information as Commodities

Facebook The Movie was practically perfect. If you’ve ever been friends with an asshole, or ever had an idea, or think you will sometime in your life, go see it. The characters that represent Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker are jerky, but also come out on top monetarily. Does that mean they are winners? According to the film, not in their personal lives.

As an MBA student, one of the themes apparent to me was the depiction of how the  movie acted as a Fresnel lens to blow up of the downside of teamwork and the disasters that happen in small ways.

With Facebook, what Mark Zuckerberg did was create a simple, clean social networking tool that appeals to a blue ocean of markets. This means, that not only college students use and love it….he also succeeded in tapping into the huge baby boomer market and into global markets. This means he created a way to gather information on the personal habits and lifestyles of the more than 500 million people that use Facebook. He can monetize that because marketers don’t have to guess anymore. Firms know exactly how effective their marketing campaign is because everything is recorded. Genius.