#22 BBMG Co-Creation: Participation is the New Consumption

At the end of October I had the opportunity to brainstorm with the BBMG agency at the Net Impact Conference in Ann Arbor, MI. Our task was to come up with a campaign to sell Seventh Generation cleaning products to Walmart Moms. The campaign my team and I came up with focuses on interactivity, community, storytelling, & communicating value. We volunteered to present first and got a big laugh with a line we came up with to convey the message that Seventh Generation can clean disgusting messes (not just light messes). A hassled mom, the pets are running the house, rabbit is on top of the TV. She says: “This place is a zoo!” Then voiceover “And Seventh Generation can clean it too!” Then the family cleans together and goes to visit the zoo with their free w/purchase ticket.

Our line probably won’t make it into the campaign that BBMG is designing, but it sure was fun to brainstorm with an ad agency on with sustainable brand challenge. And we got a laugh which is always good. An example of coming up with tons of ideas, having fun, and moving on to the next one.