#20 If Warren Buffet & Jay-Z Had a Baby…I Hope It Would Be Me – Business + Creative Strategist

Line from Jay-Z’s new autobiography – “Rap is built to handle contradictions…How can he be rapping about selling drugs on one album and then get on Oprah talking about making lemon pie the next day?”

The Brooklyn mega-success music artist Jay-Z will be on NPR’s Fresh Air today talking about his biographical book, Decoded. Jay-Z recently appeared on the cover of Forbes Magazine along side Warren Buffet. See the book review here http://www.kirkusreviews.com/blog/question-and-answer/jay-z-decoded/ (repost from my UOLibraries Facebook page.)

The cover of this magazine is great because it’s shows that the mashup concept of taking to seemingly disparate subjects and showing how they complement each other has reached moneyed mass media. That means more opportunity for creative strategists. Design-thinkers & talented innovators with finance and business skills. All useful to drive planning & implementation of cultural shifts toward sustainable-focused business. High Five.