#18 Discovering Fun Tools Useful for 21st Century Skill-building: Photobooth & Andy Warhol

I discovered the Photo Booth app available on Mac while looking for the Powerpoint application. An unexpected opportunity to goof off while working on a deadline? I’ll take it. 

The photobooth app got me curious about what’s happening with photobooths these days. A quick Google search turned up this online treasure http://www.photobooth.net/. It’s a great looking site that was started by two photobooth enthusiasts named Tim and Brian. Tim and Brian didn’t even know each other until one day in 2005 when Tim Googled “everything photobooth” and Brian popped up. The two collaborated to create a site with the goal that “Photobooth.net will be the end-all be-all photobooth resource and community website.” The site and the story behind it is an example of everyday people using 21st Century Skills: Creative, Collaborative, Critical Thinking, Communication. 

Photobooth.net delivers by offering thick chocolately lists of movies, music, in-print, and art with photobooth references. Andy Warhol is one notable artist who used a photobooth. So I used the Pop Art setting in the photobooth app in his honor. Then I found some of his actual photobooth pictures to compare side by side. I think we look pretty good together. Plus Andy is my homey: he grew up the Rust Belt too. Actually, when he grew up there it wasn’t rusty yet, it was sooty. But still.