#6 Boxes of Tops and Bottoms: The Gap Brand Still Off Track

The Gap has been having a hard time the past few years with trying to branch out in loud patterns. It didn’t work so well. Now they pulled the logo that was out for about a week and have returned to their old one. The old one is better, but the move does not show confidence in the brand.

This BloombergBusiness article http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-10-13/gap-investors-await-plan-to-bolster-namesake-brand.html mentions the success of the 1969 line of Gap jeans. I have several pair myself. But the company didn’t make right tops to go with the bottoms. That’s why I have the Gap jeans and not the Gap tops. Here is a situation where brand planning and brand architecture can step to work out some of these internal R&D issues.

Branding isn’t just what happens outside the company, it’s what happens inside the company before anyone sees anything it’s decided to do. The executive team and all employees need to buy in too.

By the way, in 2008 the Gap used famous artists as models. Love that strategy personally, but wonder how that translates to the masses. Could work well in NYLASF. Here’s one of Chuck Close. Looks like he’s wearing a t-shirt of one of his paintings…looks like Mapplethorpe, but it’s Phillip Glass. In Portland the Gap could do a micro-target campaign using local micro-brewers and solar energy champions. Like Wieden + Kennedy did with Levis’s in the Rust Belt.