#1 Wieden + Kennedy Stir Life Into the Rust Belt’s Rough and Tumble Underdog Brand

The Rust Belt feels like one of those dusty early 1970s movies, “full of financial and artistic depression*” and hulking silent factories. In the early days of my young boggled mind, those buildings crowded my brain with scenarios of what used to happen there, what was inside, what it meant that they were no longer used, and how they could be invigorated. Like many of the best things in life, they were big and dirty and exciting.

Now Wieden + Kennedy is using a broken old town (where Cormac McCarthy’s post-apocolyptic The Road was shot) and the town’s locals for a Levi’s campaign in the Rust Belt, near where I grew up. I like it because the message W + K designed for Levi’s is: there is almost nothing you can’t come back from. This concept is a universal treasure. Recovery, growth and nice ass are around the corner if you work hard and smart.
Here’s the link to the NPR story:

Levi’s Gives Struggling Town Cinderella Treatment